About us

About Us

Someone once said: "New technologies should meet our real needs, not create new ones". We've proudly made of it our motto at FIW Consulting.

Everyday new features and names are uncovered, even created from nothing. We've got used to thousands of new names and concepts that did not exist 20 years ago. Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities...and more terminology is added to this list every day as new functionalities and technologies appear in the world.

We strive to provide global companies with access to new technologies. Thanks to our solutions your business will be ready to face current and future challenges with the latest, smartest technologies.

We offer sophisticated but at the same time practical and customized solutions that span a wide range of technologies. We have extensive experience in wide range of technologies. We have extensive experience in Predictive Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and many other fields, so we can provide your business with what it truly needs.

About Us

New technologies will help you face the challenges posed by the business world which is subject to constant change.

Benefit from them! Become the leader!